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Ujala Sahar Organization (USO) Introduction

Ujala Sahar Organization (USO) Mardan primarily incepted from collective efforts of its founder women members through some social activities in far flung and remote area of the district Mardan. The founder women members and elders of a small village, Mohabatabad sensed multifarious challenges emerging from poverty, lack of education, low awareness regarding social development needs and about how to resolve them. To contribute to these and other challenges, USO was registered with Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & control) Ordinance 1961, in 2004.

Ujala Sahar Organization (USO) target population is youth (boys and girls) women, men, as well as marginalized communities’ women and persons with disabilities. USO has done significant work on youth development and women rights with a focus on gender equality, women’s political participation, women’s economic empowerment, legal rights of women and EVAW.


Vision Of USO

“A society based on social justice where vulnerable groups specially women have equitable access to resources and control over benefits without any discrimination”

Mission Of USO

“To foster changes in social, political and economic spheres for improvements in lives of vulnerable groups ensuring women empowerment through access to improved livelihoods, health, and education related services”

About Us

“To promote, strengthen and advocate for marginalized communities to attain fundamental human rights for a socially just society

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